Please refer to the Pololu website for detailed description, drivers and manuals.

Pololu Maestro configuration with Prosim 737:

1. Install drives and Maestro Control Center

2. Connect USB cable

3. Verify Device Manager

4. Connect servos and 5V power

5. Open Maestro Control Center

6. Enable approprieate channels

7. Verify servos operation by moving sliders

8. Go to Acceleration tab

9. Set acceleration to 1

10. Click Apply Settings and close program


All (10)  B737 gauges can be controlled by a single Mini Maestro 12- Channel USB placed in the OVH panel. This setup however would require very long extensions for the Brake Press and Flaps servos. Other option is to use 2 separate controllers: 6 ch in the MIP and 12 ch in the OVH. Not utilized ports can be used as digital inputs/outputs.



11. Start Prosim 737

12. Open Configuration/Drivers

13. Enable Pololu support

14. Go to Gauges tab

15. Scroll down to apropprieate gauge

16. Choose controller from the first dropdown list

17. Choose channel gauge is connected to

18. Configure sliders and hit OK

19. Test under Flight Simulator - make corrections

       if required


Open Cockpit controller users:

OC servo card requires pinout change per page 4 of the manual.

DO NOT change pinout at the servo plug if the backlight is powered through the included servo splitter !

Change pinout at the main servo splitter plug only !


Pololu servo controllers

Controller channels required per B737 gauge:

Brake Press        1

Flaps                    1

Cabin Temp          1

Cabin Climb          1

EGT                      1

Fuel Temp             1

Oxy Press            1

Valve                     1

Duct Press            2

Diff Press              2


Backlight can also be powered from the controller ports through the included splitter cable.


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